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    Have questions about you house? Why is my electric bill so high? What is that noise we hear every morning? Is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening again? We can help you answer those questions...More

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    Every home needs maintenance and repair. Spectrum Building Solutions provides comprehensive repair services. We work with your schedule to provide thorough professional repairs. More

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    Looking for more space in your kitchen? Are you taller than your shower head? Looking to create a different environment in your backyard? Spectrum Building Solutions can help!More

Water, Friend or Foe???

Rotten floor system
Mold, damaged insulation
Repaired floor system

I’m sure you have heard the name Midas before. Not the muffler people, but the mythological king. The recap of the story goes like this…
“…According to the myth, Midas found the wandering Silenus, the satyr and companion of the god Dionysus. For his kind treatment of Silenus Midas was rewarded by Dionysus with a wish. The king wished that all he touched might turn to gold…”